What if learning started with YOU?

In school, we learn all sorts of important subjects. Yet, we do not learn about the most important subject of all; LIFE itself. We learn how to read, but not how to learn. We learn how to calculate, but not how to think. We learn about famous writers, but not how to write our own story. We learn about all the places in the world, but not how to find our place in it. We learn about the anatomy of the human body, but not our basic human needs. We learn about everything and everyone else but ourselves. Isn’t that weird?

LifeCampus’ Three Foundational Premises


Excuse me?

“Curiouser and curiouser!”

Learning must start within

All the things we experience in life are filtered through a subjective filter; the self, and we are stuck with it all the time whether we like it or not. That is why we all have a unique perception of life and a distinct personality. Therefore, it is pivotal to understand what all the things are that make us ‘us’ and how our subjective world and reality is shaped by who we are.


Come again?

“Tut, tut, child! Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”

Learning must be value-based

In life everything is perpetually changing. That is why we need something that is relatively constant, otherwise we would be running like headless chickens without direction all the time. Thus, our core identity is shaped by our values. Making sure that those values serve both us and the world around us is critical in getting by, otherwise we may (deservedly) earn either of the labels ‘loser’ or ‘asshole’.


You were saying?

“And what is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?”

Learning must be people-centered

The universal educational model that has been adopted all around the globe sucks. Not only has it not changed for about two centuries, it puts the focus on the curriculum. Thus, we believe it is fair to say the least that it is outdated. What we also believe is that it is time to shift the focus from the curriculum to the person, stepping up mentoring, instead of teaching.


Co-creating a world where
education is about learning, not teaching,
the person, not the curriculum,
a foundation for all, not a privilege of a few,
a compass for happiness, not a tool for conformity.


For a better world, we need an elevated humanity.
For an elevated humanity, we need more conscious humans.
For more conscious humans, we need a better education system.
For a better education system, we need a new approach.
For a new approach, we need a precedent.
LifeCampus is the precedent.


“ – Who are you?
– I hardly know, sir, just at present—at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.”

Who are you?

Who we all are and who we become start with learning. Therefore, transforming ourselves both as an individual and as a species starts with transforming our learning system, which is also the basis of how current youth and future generations will come to lead the way forward.

Imagine, what if we actually spent time on learning about life as WE experience it. About ourselves, our needs, desires, choices and actions, our mind, body and soul. Learning how to understand ourselves before understanding anything else. Wouldn’t that be a game changer? That’s exactly what we focus on at LifeCampus.

We define our values
because they define us

If you believe punching someone in the face is ok, that is based on your values. So is helping the elderly lady with her bag. Hence, values are, simply put, important. They provide a standard for our behavior, inherently drive what we do and thus, they define who we are.

There are non-negotiable values at LifeCampus to make sure that whatever we do here distinguishes us from the chimpanzees and bonobos and serves the purpose of what we aim to achieve. What are those?


Aretha Franklin knew what she was talking (actually singing) about, so if you were born in the 60s that got you covered. In the likelihood that you weren’t, here’s the thing; any kind of conscious co-existence commands mutual respect.


Calling again on some of the greats from Chaplin to John Lenon, to MLK Jr. to Gandhi, people said it (much better) before us but we think it’s worth repeating; unite and prosper or divide and perish.


We are social animals. Sharing wealth and skills is one way of caring. Sharing feelings, thoughts and ideas with one another without fear, shame and with the intention of enriching each other is another one.


Have you ever done anything without first committing to it? Yeah, we thought so… Commitment is the prerequisite of any action, especially if the aim is lasting change.


Environment. What a buzzword…for a good reason. The environment impacts us as much as we impact the environment. Without trying to be a doomsday propagator, ignoring our undeniably growing impact on nature makes us pay a high price.


Raise your hand if you agree; “Life without fun is not worth living!”. Ok, now you can lower your hand and enjoy the overwhelming relief as this is reflected in the spirit of LifeCampus where nothing can and shall be done without fun being an integral part of it.

I have
some questions


Ready for
the rabbit hole


Your life is now. Seize it.