Favourite and anticipated questions

What is the investment I have to put into myself to attend LifeCampus?

We do understand that ‘young’ and ‘rich’ are not really associated with each other. So, we tried to keep the financial commitment at the bare minimum. The participation fee is EUR 999.13, which includes shared accommodation and three mouthwatering meals a day.

What if I would reeeeeally like to join the programme but cannot afford it?

We were once also young and broke and full of ideals. Like the world will be nice to us if we are nice to the world.

Well, you may just be in luck. Since we really are nice fellas, and we know that coughing up almost a thousand euros may not be feasible for you right now, we will consider partially supporting one or two people who would really love to join and it is objectively out of her/his reach simply on financial grounds. This will be discussed and decided on a case-by-case basis. However, as you may understand, we are not running a charity (which would also be a great thing to do), and so, our options are limited in this regard.

How do I know that this programme is really going to change my life for the better?

Well, you just don’t. It’s kind of a trust issue. You will have to trust your gut feeling.. and us.

But as we know trust is hard to come by, we would not want to take your trust lightly. We guarantee that if you do join and commit, you will experience some pretty profound changes in your life. Starting with becoming part of something awesome..

What if I apply but do not get accepted? Will I have my chance to attend a future LifeCampus event?

We will keep the applications and reach out to those who could not make the cut this time around purely from a quantity perspective. Now quality is an entirely other matter…

Why is LifeCampus only for people at the age of 18-25?

While we do think LifeCampus would (and will) be beneficial for a much wider age group, we wanted to focus at the beginning on those who are at their most immediate crossroads; young adults. And then, as we would not want to lie, there are the legal considerations of course.

What do you mean by "social experiment"? Are you going to experiment on the participants?

Excellent question! We don’t plan to do weird stuff to our LifeCampers (or maybe just a little).

Nothing is perfect. Including ourselves. LifeCampus is an experiment in the sense that it is something that is evolving with the aim to make it better and better and participants have a crucial role to play in it. That is why we are looking for people who are willing to do that and fully participate in whatever the programme holds.

If I join, will I be forced to do anything?

Do you remember when as kid you were forced to eat the veggies before the cake? How did that go?

We do not believe in the idea of forcing people. All actions should come from free will if it is to have any positive impact. That said, we highly recommend to participate in all the activities within the programme and not only because of FOMO but also because the whole programme was designed to facilitate lasting change through the various excercises and activities incorporated in the curriculum.

You don’t seem to be very serious people. Is this something serious?

Seriously? It is, of course.

Yes, we do like hit a less serious tone whenever we can because it just makes things easier and more fun. Rest assured though, everything in LifeCampus is prepared and operated with full dedication and utmost professionalism. Even our team meetings. We only wear a wig every first Friday of the month.

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